Kano State Agencies Expose Multi-Billion Naira Food Hoarding Scandal, Vow Swift Action

In a significant crackdown on food hoarding, authorities in Kano have uncovered a network of warehouses concealing an extensive stash of essential food items valued at billions of Naira. The Kano Public Complaint and Anti-Corruption Commission (PCACC) has taken decisive action against hoarding of essential commodities in the state. In a recent operation, the commission confiscated several warehouses containing hundreds of millions of naira worth of hoarded food items. These warehouses were located in and around the Dawanau International Grains Market, Singer Market, and Kwari Textiles Market.

During the operation, the owners of these warehouses were conspicuously absent, leaving their stores stacked full of essential goods. The seized commodities included spaghetti, rice, pasta, sugar, and other food items. The commission has issued notices to the warehouse owners, summoning them to face charges before the court of law for their illegal hoarding activities, which have adversely affected the general populace.

Chairman Muhyi Magaji Rimingado addressed the public, emphasizing the commission’s commitment to combating hoarding. He stated, “We have made true our promise to fight against the hoarding of essential commodities in the state. Within a week, we halted the instant rise in prices of these goods. For instance, rice prices had surged from N52,000 to N61,000.”

Chairman Rimingado further explained, “Our actions have already made an impact. We believe that by sustaining this effort, we can bring down prices from their current levels. These warehouses contain hundreds of millions of naira worth of hoarded goods. We will not tolerate this; it is not a market—it is a warehouse.”

The commission’s intelligence mechanism has been activated to uncover further instances of hoarding. Interestingly, some warehouse owners have claimed that the stockpiled items belong to the World Food Programme, raising questions about diverting essential supplies meant for the country.

The crackdown on hoarding aims to ensure fair access to food and prevent artificial scarcity. As the commission continues its efforts, the message is clear: hoarding will not be tolerated, and those responsible will be held accountable...

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