Pastor Adeboye Calls for Urgent Spiritual Intervention Amid Nigeria's Economic Hardship

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adejere Adeboye, has emphasized that the challenges facing Nigeria require spiritual solutions. Speaking during a courtesy visit to Governor Uba Sani in Kaduna, Pastor Adeboye highlighted that the problems confronting the nation extend beyond mere politics; they demand divine intervention.

“We don’t want a situation where people begin to think of taking their own lives,” Pastor Adeboye expressed. He acknowledged that political leaders have made significant efforts, yet the problems persist. “Nigeria needs the help of God, and it needs it urgently,” he added. His visit to Kaduna aimed not only to pray for the people but also to instill hope.

He continued: “We as a country are blessed; we are blessed with people with great intelligence; we are blessed with all manners of resources; and yet we have so many problems.

“And it is not as if people in authority are not trying their best; they are doing as much as humanly possible. And then we found out that when you have problems that are beyond human ability to solve, you call on the Almighty. The reason we call Him Almighty is because He has the power to solve all problems.

“So, we have been going around in our little way to support the efforts of all the various governments and parastatals to call on the Almighty to come to our aid, because we need help. We need help, and we need it urgently.

“Because, as much as our leaders are doing their very best to help us solve our problems, the problems seem to have persisted, and in some areas, the problems seem to be getting worse. But we trust in Almighty God that, these problems will not last forever. We trust God that the problem will even be over sooner than later.

“That is why we have been going round holding crusades and the crusades are just a means of gathering people together to let them know tomorrow is going to be alright if we can be a little more patient with God. We believe very strongly that people need this kind of encouragement so that they don’t lose hope.

“Because when they lose hope, they do all kinds of strange things; many of our youths for example, are running out of the country, forgetting that those countries they are running to, also have their problems, and then those who cannot run anywhere, we don’t want a situation where people begin to think of taking their own lives.

“We have had quite a few examples of people driving in Lagos to the long bridge and jumping into the lagoons. Those of them that were rescued before they drowned said they couldn’t see a future, but we keep on assuring them God is on His throne and he is not going to forsake our nation.”

Despite the ongoing struggles, Pastor Adeboye remains confident that the problems won’t last forever. He encourages Nigerians to be patient and trust that tomorrow will be better. “Our problems will require a bit of spiritual solution,” he asserted. “We are blessed with people of great intelligence and abundant resources, yet we face numerous challenges. When problems exceed human ability to solve, we call on the Almighty because He has the power to address all issues.”

In his unwavering faith, Pastor Adeboye believes that Nigeria’s difficulties will eventually yield to divine intervention. Urgently seeking spiritual help, he stands as a beacon of hope for a nation in need.

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