Basketmouth Unveils Ambitious Project to Bring 2Baba Back to Nollywood

In a surprising turn of events, popular comedian and actor, Bright Okpocha, better known as Basketmouth, has unveiled ambitious plans to reintroduce the legendary music sensation, 2Baba, to the silver screens of Nollywood.

The Iconic Duo: Basketmouth and 2Baba

Basketmouth, celebrated for his wit and comedic genius, recently shared his vision during an exclusive interview. He expressed his admiration for 2Baba’s immense talent and the impact the musician has had on the Nigerian entertainment industry. The two icons have collaborated previously, and their chemistry is undeniable.

2Baba’s Journey from Music to Cinema

The call to bring 2Baba back to Nollywood comes after the musician’s remarkable performance in the latest episode of Basketmouth’s skit series, The Secret Of Lulu. Fans were thrilled to witness 2Baba’s acting prowess, and it left many wondering if he would consider a full-fledged acting career.

Basketmouth’s Encouragement

In a heartfelt social media post, Basketmouth commended 2Baba’s role in The Secret Of Lulu and encouraged him to explore the world of cinema further. “2Baba’s Tiv ascent and natural charisma make him a perfect fit for Nollywood,” Basketmouth stated. “We need his magic on the big screen.”

Nollywood Awaits 2Baba’s Return

As fans eagerly await 2Baba’s decision, the film industry buzzes with excitement. Could we soon see the iconic musician gracing our cinemas in gripping roles? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: Basketmouth’s vision could mark a new era of collaboration between music and film in Nigeria.


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