Tech Visionary Urges African Businesses to Embrace Digital Transformation for Sustainable Growth

Samson Olatunde, the visionary founder behind Knowledge Digest Africa (KDA), has underscored the critical role of technology in propelling African businesses to new heights. Recently honored with the BusinessDay Top 100 Performing SMEs 2023 award, Olatunde shared his insights during a speech in Lagos, emphasizing the need for African entrepreneurs to leverage technology for business expansion and development.

Accepting the prestigious award, Olatunde outlined the trajectory of KDA, highlighting its commitment to adapting and enhancing digital content to meet the evolving preferences of its audience. He emphasized that KDA serves as a leading platform for diverse knowledge exchange and learning in Africa, catering to the interests of young individuals, career professionals, and entrepreneurs.

"Knowledge Sharing and Development Africa (KDA) is at the forefront of exploring the latest technology trends and their implications for the future of work and businesses in Africa, ensuring that the continent remains globally relevant," Olatunde explained.

With a mission to establish Africa's most extensive all-in-one digital knowledge repository, KDA aims to empower the next generation of African business leaders. Olatunde, drawing from 15 years of experience in the tech industry, initiated KDA to bridge the gap between digital information and businesses across the continent.

The award serves as validation for the positive impact of KDA, garnering over 1,000 daily views and positioning itself as a key player in digital content delivery. Olatunde expressed his commitment to reaching greater heights, aspiring to make KDA the preferred digital information hub.

An alumnus of Pan Atlantic University in Lagos and certified in the UK as a life coach, a management consultant in Canada, and a small business consultant in Texas, USA, Olatunde is recognized for empowering young Africans. He hosts the 'Digital CEO Tribe' and organizes the 'Digital Wealth Creation Summit,' focusing on digital wealth creation and future-of-work opportunities.

Olatunde's dedication extends beyond KDA, as he recently established the Samson Olatunde Foundation. This NGO aims to catalyze transformation across Africa through education and enterprise, leveraging the potential of ICT. In his multifaceted role, Olatunde continues to champion digital transformation for businesses, offering strategic guidance to startups across the continent.

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